Atlantic Vehicle and Asset Control System (ATVACS) is a communication, monitoring and control solution for vehicles and assets using GPS/GPRS/Satellite communication. Owned by Atlantic IT Center in Maryland , ATVACS becomes the most trust worthy and reliable solution for many companies on their fleet management needs. ATVACS 's state of the art, easy to use web application will let clients to create and view reports , notifications and alerts based on the information it gathers (24/7) from their vehicles and assets.

Easiest GPS tracking platform to use

In fleet management business, user experience matters, too. Our GPS tracking software is a fine crafted tool for everyday use. We have stripped the user interface from all those functions no one uses anyway. And we enhanced everything else to fit the main purpose: car and other business vehicle tracking. Light, clever, fast and reliable. How would a perfect fleet tracking platform look like? We asked our clients. And we took their answers seriously.